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Life in general [06 Apr 2006|01:44am]
Sorry that I havn't been on here for a very long time but as you will read I've been busy.

To begin with I have finally gotten a job that actually makes me happy and I dont mind getting up in the morning to go to work. After about 3 weeks of searching and searching for work all over this side of Charlotte I finally decided to take a break and go to visit my good friend Erica. So I go to Mcalister's deli and talk to Erica only to find out that they are hiring daytime workers! Woohoo! So I fill out the application and talk to a manager on the spot and get the job. Now I have been there for about 3 months and work 6 days a week, usually mornings of course, 3 of those days being double shifts, which should change soon because I just put in a request for a few nights off every week.

Apartment! Finally after all of the delays and the fucked up roommates and odd situations that hav prevented me from getting a place of my own I have finally got one. It is a very nice apartment in more of an upscale part of town right near everything in Charlotte that i would like to be near. Brittany's house and Michele's house are both only about 5 minutes away from me, which makes me very very happy. This place is huge and if im not mistaken it may be bigger than the house I used to live in, but not by much. Oh, and i live with lindsay, sean and curtis, which rocks my socks off.

I miss all my friends and wish they were here but at the very least I am going to throw a nice party sometime over the summer and have people over, and I cannot wait for that.

Boys... fun... or not... My current boyfriend after Tim has just moved back to his mothers house in another state, which is really really annoying. He THINKS he is going to come back after the summer is over, but hes not sure, and he wants me to wait for him while he makes up his mind. Sigh.

I would go into life at my old house with Barb and my father but I get very very annoyed whenever i think about what they are oging through right now, so I guess I will save that for another time. Anyways just thought I would let everyone know what I was up too and that I will be on here more often from now on. Love you all and hope to see you soon, and if anyone comes back in town whenever call me, you should all still have my number <3

( sucky sucky 5 dollar?)

Ouch [21 Dec 2005|08:12am]
[ mood | crushed ]

So I just broke up with Tim finally. I decided to do it before Chritmas so he doesn't drop alot of money on me for the holidays, which would make me feel hoorriable. And, uh... wow. Pain. My chest feels like it is about to explode, and it shouldn't. I mean, hes a pothead, and he sells a few drugs here and there. This should have been the right decision, cause I dont want to be with him when he OD's or get arrested for his third DUI and has to go to jail. And I know he will get pulled over again soon, cause hes always drunk now and always drives. But still... ouch. Not pins and needles either, its more like a huge weight has just been dropped off the roof of a building and landed right on my chest. But its like I always say, it wont matter a few years down the road, so I shouldn't worry about it... I think.

(4 happy endings sucky sucky 5 dollar?)

Life [08 Dec 2005|02:13am]
This is a post about the more random things in life, and I feel like all my posts have just been me bitching recently, so I am going to keep up the trend... but with a twist! We are going to alternate good and bad!

Good I actually have something good to post about life in this post!

Bad I hate my job.

Good I have more friends than I have ever had before in my entire life, and love every single one of them to death!

Bad I feel like I'm playing a game because I have to seperate some of my friends, and it is very hard to please all of them at the same time, because they all need lots of attention.

Good I know that i can work at Lonestar because they are hiring and Tim just got a job for one of his friends today, so chances are I could get a job there too

Bad I would work with Tim.

Good I might be able to get a job Trio's or I could stay at Express and just demand more hours.

Bad There is no guarentee on either of those proposals.

Good I love my life right now for absolutely no reason, which I have never been able to do before.

Bad I have never been under more stress in my life.

Good I will have money on Friday because of a paycheck from Express!

Bad All of that money will be used in one day because of debts that I have to pay back.

Good The money will keep on coming to me since I have a job.

Bad I must soon spend all of that money I will potentially make for an appartment.

Good Barb is redoing the entire house, including the siding and making it look fabulous!

Bad She is doing this now, and I have lived here for 5 years, and I am about to move out >.<

Good I might be getting the Blazer!


Good My birthday and Christmas are coming up.

Bad No one has any money for either of those days.

Good I could honestly care less if I get a ton of presents, a conversation with Barb, a compliment from my father, a call from my mother and friends, and playing games with Sean means more to me than any present that anyone could ever give me.

Bad I dont think I have any more bads!

Good I have more goods than bads!!!!!!!!!!

And in conclusion, I am a very peaceful man right now. I have no real reason to love my life, but I do, and that is very very good. Nothing is that bad right now, especially when I ALWAYS step back from my life (this was starting about 2 weeks ago) and just think to myself, "Am I really going to care about *insert problem* in 20 years from now? 30 years from now?" Every single time you ask yourself that question, everything always turns into nothing but sunshine, bunnies and rainbows. What more could a gay guy ask for? None of my problems are going to matter in the future, cause I will solve them one by one, and that is how things go. Everything will be more calm in February, when I get an appartment and have a steady job and a car. I know my father is working on getting me a car, I am working on getting a job, and I cannot do anything about an apartment until I have a job... or at least one that doesnt give me 4 hours this week. So first thing is first! Time to get a good job, and I believe that I will get one arounf 1:00 PM, so HA! I win at life!

(2 happy endings sucky sucky 5 dollar?)

[10 Oct 2005|01:27am]
You're a Sloppy Kiss!! You're laid back, and love
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Anyone who's partied with me, knows this is a lie ;)

and eww... ugly boys.

( sucky sucky 5 dollar?)

Mmmm, exotic [28 Sep 2005|01:25am]
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That was fun (^.^)

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